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Most emergency preparedness experts will tell you how important it is to sample food storage meal packs before making a big purchase. When you buy Survival Supply House's 16-serving Breakfast Sample Pack, you get a taste of all the emergency breakfast meals Survival Supply House has to offer, including oatmeal with brown sugar, multigrain cereal, strawberry creamy wheat, and old-fashioned pancakes. Once you try them, we think you agree that Survival Supply House offers the best-tasting food storage in the industry.

Package Information
  • Total Servings: 16
  • Total Calories: 6,920

Sample Survival Supply House's delicious food storage breakfast offerings with the Breakfast Meal Sample Pack.

Breakfast has long been touted as the most important meal of the day. During emergency and survival situations, this is even more true. In an emergency, our bodies are often under plenty of stress to meet taxing physical, emotional, and mental demands. That's why it's so important to make sure you have breakfasts in your food storage pack that are nutritious, hearty, and delicious.

Each of Survival Supply House's breakfast meals is particularly satisfying. With 433 average calories per serving, these meals will fill you up and keep you full all morning long. In addition to being satisfying, Survival Supply House breakfast meals are Non-GMO, high in fiber, low in sodium, have no trans fat, MSG, or HFCS, and are low in fat and cholesterol. Purchase this sample pack and get healthy breakfasts that will build your body up to be strong and resilient in emergency situations.

Try the sample pack today to see for yourself what Survival Supply House food storage has to offer above other food storage companies in the industry: delicious freeze-dried meals, affordable pricing, and expert packaging for a long and reliable shelf life. Survival Supply House knows food storage and offers you the best solutions to your emergency preparedness needs.