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Water storage may be the most important part of your emergency supply and is often overlooked. To simplify, we have created a 30-Gallon Water Tank that provides a 1-month supply (1 Gallon per day) of water for an individual, as well as water treatment for long-term storage. These durable, heavy-duty tanks come with a built-in spigot for easy access to your water. Add one of these to your supply today!

* Please note, this product cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii *

Package Information

  • 30 Gallon Water Storage (water not included)
  • Heavy-duty Containers
  • BPA Free, Food Grade Plastic
  • Stackable, Water Treatment Included

30 Gallon Water Tank Key Benefits - 

  • Heavy Duty, BPA Free, Food Grade Plastic
  • Height - 21.25" x Width - 19.5" x Depth - 24.5"
  • 30 Gallon Capacity (water not included)
  • Filled Weight: Approximately 260 lbs
  • 2" Top Opening with Cap 
  • Upgraded Built-in Metal Spigot with Hose Bibb (Replaced yellow plastic spigot)
  • Stackable
  • Tie Down Friendly
  • Portable and Reusable
  • Dark Blue - Restricts light and growth of harmful bacteria
  • Water Treatment Kit Included

*** Recommended for upright storage, no more than 2 high. While they could withstand being stacked higher without damage, our concern is that they could tip over. If the top tank was filled and fell on someone, it could cause lasting damage, even death. ***